PowerMaster® Parts Washers



PowerMaster Parts Washer: Agitation Immersion Cleaning

Large load, large volume cleaning tasks become push-button simple with heavy-duty PowerMaster® immersion cleaners. Electro-mechanical agitation moves the load through 138 vertical 4-inch strokes per minute. The powerful surgin action cleans inside and out — removes chips and particles from blind holes. You gain speed and energy efficiency conventional cleaners can't match.

PowerMaster® units are built to heavy-industrial standards, with welded 10-gauge steel construction. Standard models clean loads from 200 to 2000 pounds. PowerMaster® units are available in electrically heated models, for use with DeltaGreen® aqueous formulas. You can clean castings, dies, weldments, engine blocks, cylinder heads and other large parts, as well as baskets of smaller machine parts. Non-heated models are also available, for use with DeltaGreen® formulas to remove oil, dirt and grease.



Only PowerMaster® has the patented
Air Rise® system

Fingertip pressure on the control activities the unique Air Rise® system, which automatically lowers the work load into the immersion chamber, and simultaneously closes the tank cover before agitation begins. Agitation stops when the cleaning cycle is complete, and the cover opens automatically while the work load rises out of the solution and flush with the top of the cabinet for draining. There’s no need for cables, winches, pulleys or dangerous manual lifting to remove parts from the solution. The Air Rise® design assures cover-closed cleaning, to increase both safety and energy conservation.


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