Lube 3000

Water Based Rust Preventative and Lubricating Oil

■ Stops Squeaks
■ Cleans And Lubricates
■ Protects Against Rust and Corrosion

DeltaGreen® Lube 3000 is a water-based non aerosol rust preventative & lubricating oil with zero VOC's. It is used to provide long term protection of metal surfaces. The residual film is non-staining and highly resistant to corrosion on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as measured in a humidity cabinet. It is ideally suited for industrial usage where ease of application is desirable. Lube 3000 also provides excellent lubricity as measured by the Falex EP test.
Lube 3000 is the “green” choice for lubricating oil that meets stringent EPA clean air and other environmental challenges faced by industry and consumer today.

Lube 3000 is an all-purpose lubricating oil and rust preventive that is exceptionally stable in wet conditions. It provides rapid displacement and separation of water and leaves an excellent thin film protection.