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DeltaGreen Slip-Free Floor Cleaner

Each day 25,000 serious slip and fall accidents occur. Injuries to employees can result in higher medical claims, increased workers' compensation, lost productivity, long-term disabilities and expensive legal entanglements. In addition, businesses that cater to the public may have costly liabilities if a customer is injured.

DeltaGreen® Slip Free Floor Cleaner - Cleans, Dries Fast, Shines, and reduces the risk and danger of slip-and-falls, resulting in personal injury, liabilities, and litigation costs associated with them. Furthermore, the Slip Free Floor Cleaner solution is a convenient and cost-effective deterrent of increased insurance costs and productivity losses related to employee slip-and-falls while at the workplace.

DeltaGreen® Slip Free Floor Cleaner - Slip Resistant Maintainer, Neutral Cleaner & Polish. Slip Free Floor Cleaner is manufactured principally from pure vegetable soaps and top quality natural pine oils. Using this product as directed will tremendously reduce scuff marks, salt erosion and physical injuries caused by slippery floors.

DeltaGreen® Slip Free Floor Cleaner - Cleans and leaves a micro coating on the floor finish surface which does not build up, discolor or powder.

DeltaGreen® Eco Strip

A neutral degreaser that is very powerful. EcoStrip Does not destroy wax like stripper, but extracts and pulls the dirt from the wax restoring the appearance of the wax. EcoStrip removes 1-2 coats of wax leaving the remaining coats looking like new. EcoStrip is also non-slippery when wet.
EcoStrip works on floors as cleaning bleach does on white clothes. It leaves the floor looking bright and clean.
Eco-Strip is used for scrub and recoats. This product will deep clean all types of wax; leaving the floor free of imbedded dirt.

DeltaGreen® Quantum Wax

Drying time is 15-25 minutes. 20% solids wax can be used for refinishing, 24% is used for stripped floors. It is possible to 20% solids wax after stripping but you need more coats. This is designed to apply less coats of wax to save time and labor. Quantum Wax has never turned yellow in at least 2 years. This is the hardest wax on the market yet it is very easy to strip with any regular stripper.
Quantum Wax is a new type of rubberized coating. Quantum Wax is fast drying with an extremely high gloss floor finish. Quantum Wax has shown itself to be very durable, lasting up to 36 months with out the need for re-stripping. Recoating has also been reduced dramatically and should be performed as needed.

DeltaGreen® Ultra Glaze

Ultra Glaze is stronger than the best wax and very flexible. Ultra Glaze can be applied to a variety of surfaces including: concrete, ceramic tile, practically any surface where one can use wax. Ultra Glaze cannot be used on smooth vinyl tile without first coating the tile with wax. Ultra Glaze may be used on all floor finishes. Drying time 7-10 minutes.
Ultra Glaze has been tested under real world conditions in other areas of the Supermarket such as Meat Department preparation areas, Produce preparation areas and Deli/Bakery Areas. Ultra Glaze leaves these surfaces water proof, non-slip and easier to clean as well as protecting the underlying surfaces.


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DeltaGreen® Shine Plus

Shine Plus is a cleaner, restorer and hardener all in one. Shine Plus will go into scratches and crystallize during buffing to fill in those scratches. Shine Plus is also a fast drying product.
Shine Plus can be used without buffing. You still will have good protection and nice shine.
For best results use Shine Plus in the auto scrubber at 2 oz. per gallon for normal daily cleaning. This is the main product for your floor care program.

DeltaGreen® Non-Slip Magic

Non-Slip Magic is a daily cleaner that protects shine, drying time is 50% less comparing to major brands, ideal for using in restrooms and any slippery areas, makes floor non-slip even when wet.